An Exceptional fauna and flora

With more than 1200 registered plant varieties, 120 species of birds and large mammals, Mont-Ventoux has been part of the network of 500 biosphere reserves around the world since 1990.

Richness and diversity

The Ventoux constitutes a very southern climatic barrier with a rare flora and an exceptional biodiversity. One finds among others at the summit the Greenland poppy.

The most emblematic species of Mont Ventoux is the Orsini's viper, a small, harmless and very fearful viper endemic to dry regions.

The Jean-le-blanc circaète, a highly migratory species that feeds only on reptiles, is also an eminent representative of the biodiversity of the massif, as is the chamois or the bat.

Certain species illustrate the capacity of Mont-Ventoux to be a refuge for biodiversity. Thus the Wood grouse, threatened throughout Europe, which has been colonising the mountain forests since 1991, or the Petrarque silene and the butterflies Western elaphe and colostygy, unknown to the world outside the massif.