As a child, I read the great mythological tales, Ulysses, Hercules and I loved to travel with Tintin. At seventeen years old I discovered the mountain and never left it.

Discovering the mountain

I read with passion the stories of the great mountaineers Reinhold Messner, Maurice Herzog and the exploits of René Desmaison, Catherine Destivelle.

First the Alps, then at twenty years old I set off on an adventure. It is the beginning of an itinerant life that leads me on foot, on camelback, on horseback, to the discovery of the great mountain ranges of the Himalayas, the Atlas, the Andes Cordillera, the deserts of the Sahara and the Gobi.

My bedside books are then Wilfred Thesiger, Alexandra David-Néel, Isabelle Eberhardt, René Caillé.

A come back to nature

The vine on the slopes of Mont-Ventoux is the continuation of these adventures and the link with my peasant origins.

To live at the rhythm of nature, to share the life of courageous and true men, to work with simplicity and patience the vine in the respect of the soil and the environment.

I hope that my wine will have the taste of this story. I invite you to discover it, it expresses the richness and the perfume of our Provencal terroir.

Thierry Delasalles